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Fashion Tips For Looking Younger

When you’re younger, it’s easy to look at “old lady” clothes and exclaim that you’ll never wear them, but in order to age gracefully, you should change your style somewhat as you age.

In other words, while it’s OK to reject the idea that you should dress like an older person (no matter how old you are), not changing your style can do more than you might think to draw attention to your age.

Let’s look at some good tips for looking younger through your fashion choices.

Change it up

First, many women fall into the common trap of sticking with a style that was once flattering long after it is flattering. For example, you might have found a style that worked beautifully for you when you were in your 20s.

The trouble with sticking with that style is two-fold – first, it’s likely out of style by the time you hit your 40s and it might simply be “too young” for you which will draw attention to your current age, which is completely contrary to what you’re trying to do.

Pay attention to season

To look young and stylish, it’s important to change your wardrobe with each season. That means paying attention to what’s in style, what’s new for each season and making appropriate changes.

In fact, think about making just one small change each season. Perhaps you like those clothes from your 20s and think they are perfectly in style for today’s times. But if you add a large scarf in the color of the season, or a fashionable new bag, you can be sure that your style is current and young.

Be appropriate

Dressing to look younger doesn’t mean wearing tummy-bearing tops and heels that are just too high. That only draws attention to the fact that you are not in your 20s anymore.

Instead, look at the best dressed young women you know. Pay attention to how they dress. It’s likely that if they are nicely dressed young women, you can get some clues from them. Maybe it’s a graphic T shirt that’s got a little more youth to it than your plain T. Maybe it’s jeans with some design on them. Both of these can add a youthful spirit to your look without looking inappropriate.

When in doubt, go traditional

Now, by traditional we don’t mean Chanel and polyester suits all the time. Not at all. In fact, that kind of dressing can make you look older (especially if you have also not updated your hair or makeup).

By traditional, we mean stick with the basics. If the thought of injecting too much youth into your wardrobe seems overwhelming, then don’t.

Instead, stock your closet with basics built around particular colors. If you love to wear black, focus on purchasing basics in black and white perhaps with red also thrown in for good measure.

Each season, add that trendy item we talked about (the bag that’s stylish right now, the large scarf, the patent belt) and you will immediately look not only pulled together, but in style as well. And that goes a long way toward making you look younger.

The Best Book on Women’s Health & Beauty

Are you like Sarah who is 38 years old dealing with skin which is unhealthy? She has quite loose skin which is sun damaged and very dry. Or maybe you are like Lucy who is 52 years old trying to solve problems caused by the menopause? Do you have a lot of questions about hormone changes and the stages you will experience and the best way to deal with it?

If so, MUST KNOW Answers, Secrets & Tips on Women’s Health & Beauty could be helpful in solving those problems, and many more.

Here are just some of the highlights of MUST KNOW Answers, Secrets & Tips on Women’s Health & Beauty:

-8 food secrets for healthy skin, if you want smooth, supple, wrinkle free beautiful skin try some of these super foods and secrets for healthy skin. You’ll find this on page 59

-a huge resource on hormones including tips on how to treat menopause symptoms, hormone replacement therapy and the alternatives, pros and cons and natural options. You’ll find this on page 3-41

-Do you know which vitamins help reduce and reverse the effects of the sun and damage to the skin? You’ll find this on page 101

Of course, MUST KNOW Answers, Secrets & Tips on Women’s Health & Beauty isn’t for everybody.

My only slight reservation about this book is the size, it is probably too big to print out and read at your leisure (nearly 300 pages) saying that, this is the most comprehensive book available on women’s health and beauty.

This book covers everything from hormones to Anti-Aging Skin Care and common women’s health problems, such as: Headaches, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Yeast infections and many more, as well as everything you need to know about acne and the truth about the best ways to treat it.

If you want something that is clear, easy to understand and all in one place, you will not be disappointed with this e-book. It is huge…

But if you’re dealing with any of the problems mentioned above, I think MUST KNOW Answers, Secrets & Tips on Women’s Health & Beauty can probably save you a lot of time and hassles. Ann Sandretto’s research and experience, as well as a sincere desire to help, come through on every page of the book.

Wedding Beauty Tip

Looking your best is great when you’re an A-list movie star. If your curious where celebrities get that luminous and enchanting complexion the answer can be explained in one word: oxygen facials. But that’s just part of the beautification process. In today’s discussion of Beauty 101 will study the current trends in useful skin strategies.

Oxygen Facials: With the focus to rejuvenate the health of your skin, O2 treatment involves applying oxygenating H20 and vitamins to the skin. Total time is about an hr. The result? An improvement in your skin’s ability to absorb more oxygen and cast out toxins.

Targeted for: Any type of skin.

Benefit: Pore cleansing, lightened hyper pigmentation and an immediate change in appearance.

FYI: Results only last for 48 hrs so plan a few days before the wedding.

Classic Treatment: Known as the foundation for for all other facials, your face is cleansed, massaged, and scrubbed with an exfoliating sponge while steam is applied to open up the pores. In addition, blackheads and pimples are removed and a toner and smoothing mask is applied to the skin.

Appropriate for: Anybody.

Improvement: Removes dirt, and results in fresh feeling skin. Great for overall skin cleansing.

Cons: Specialized treatment recommended for specific skin issues.

Glycolic Peel solution: One of the most popular treatments for acne sufferers, the procedure starts with deep exfoliation, cleansing, and toning. Afterwards nonirritating alpha hydroxy acids are rubbed on your skin. Then, a hydrating mask is used to restore your skins appearance.

Appropriate for: Brides with acne and unclear skin.

Benefit: Diminished skin lines, decreased acne, increased skin moisture.

Cons: After treatment, apply some high SPF sunscreen because your skin will be more sensitive to sunlight.

Deep Cleansing: Objective – flush out impurities, increase circulation, and unclog pores. Treatment is around 30 minutes and is followed by a facemask to soothe inflammation.

Appropriate for: Oily skin.

Advantage: Keeps skin clean and prevents acne.

Beauty Tips For Teenagers

Teenage awareness regarding beauty plays a remarkable role when the issue of influence of fashion and glamour on teenagers is considered. Teenage beauty tip mostly revolves around girl’s beauty tips and guys follow up as well. Teenagers are more prone to skin and beauty problems as they are more exposed to the environmental hazards and pollution. They deserve it provides information about teenage beauty tip.

Presently the teenagers are highly conscious about their looks and beauty and simultaneously the glamour world is introducing a lot of incentives for beauty and health of the teenagers through the medium of branded and designer cosmetics and beauty products. In fact the herbal homemade products are nowadays catching up fast in the popularity race in the international market and homemade beauty care remedies are simply loved by those who can’t spare much time in the parlor. Teenage beauty tip literally means everything starting from beauty care down to makeup and health care. Skin care and hair care both form integral parts of beauty care regimen for teens.

One essential factor about both skin care and hair care is that one must know about the type of skin or hair texture s/he has. Most of the cosmetic products or homemade products don’t work if used on the wrong skin type or the wrong hair type. Concentrating firstly on the skin issues, one having dry skin must make sure to use a good moisturizer before applying foundation. Simultaneously use moisturizer for removing makeup.

Overnight skin care moisturizer is the best solution before going to bed. You can make homemade moisturizing solutions from the ingredients like bananas, poppy seeds, honey, milk olive oil etc., which tighten your skin and add moisture as well. For oily skin astringent is a must before foundation. For normal skin care, it’s necessary as it increases the skin’s absorption of excess oil and tightens the skin in the process. For homemade astringent the best ingredients are lemon, orange, watermelon, cucumber and strawberries, which are rich in citrus content. They prevent excess oil accumulation on your skin. While for hair care it’s essential to know your hair texture. If you have oily hair then you can use Aloe vera gel and lemon juice with your shampoo.

Mint is another very good solution to add with your shampoo and use daily for treating oily hair. For dry hair, you can massage your hair with warm almond oil and apply honey for rendering moisture to the scalp. A mixture of coconut milk and gram flour make excellent solution for dry hair and scalp. Olive oil is one such product, which is good for both skin and hair, and as it’s easier to get and use. Teenagers can always try it out without having to go to a parlor.

Beauty Tips For Women To Stay Healthy

Beauty tips for women is an ongoing search, and one great temptations, if you can afford it, is to use surgery to help cover up your natural aging. Sadly, there are many reports from women who feel that they now look worse after their expensive plastic surgery than they did before. Rather than taking a chance of an operation gone wrong, there are lots of tips and techniques that you can use to keep yourself looking and feeling beautiful rather than opting for an operation. In this article we will examine some beauty tips that will allow you to wear your age with pride and confidence.

Tip #1: Diet

Diet is perhaps one of the most important beauty tips for women towards having and maintaining a healthy look. Consuming lots of fruits, vegetables and protein-rich foods does more than just benefit your general health. A diet like this also helps to prevent weight gain and increases your energy levels to keep you active during your day. These types of foods also have the benefits of encouraging strong healthy and shiny hair, strong fingernails, and results skin that has a healthy radiance.

Tip #2: Water

Never underestimate the importance of drinking enough water daily which makes it one of the top beauty tips for women. There are numerous benefits of avoiding dehydration, one of them being the effect it has on the appearance of your skin tone. Many common beverages such as pop, coffee and especially alcohol actually help to dry out your skin and encourage the growth of wrinkles. To avoid these dehydrating effects that may lead to wrinkles, it is important to drink lots of water and use a daily moisturizer. A simple but effective combination to reduce the occurrence of wrinkles. Smokers and sun worshippers also run the risk of seeing premature wrinkles, so it is essential that sun screen be worn on hot summer days, even when cloudy. Giving up smoking will not only discourage wrinkles, but may allow you to live longer as well, which for some of you may be the best one of these y tips in this article

Tip #3: Regular Exercise

Any listing of beauty tips for women would not be complete without mentioning the need and importance of regular exercise to maintain good health and good looks as we all age. Keeping active is the key, whether you enjoy simply walking or more strenuous activities such as jogging, swimming, cycling or sports such as soccer, hockey, baseball, tennis, skiing, and the list goes on and on. All of these activities will help to keep you healthy and feeling good about yourself so that you will not even consider any type of surgery to deal with aging. Another spin-off of regular exercise is the hidden benefit it also has on your mental state and how you feel about yourself.

Tip #4: Age Acceptance

Our final point in beauty tips for women is all about age acceptance. Learning to live with their age is something that many people refuse to accept. Often this age denial results in these people making complete fools of themselves in public! As an example, women in their 50s trying to dress like 20-year olds wearing tight clothing and bleached hair, when clearly they do not have the figure or appearance to pull it off. Certainly not one of the beauty tips that we want to encourage!

Instead learn to dress and behave in ways that are expected for people your age. Embrace your age and looks rather than trying to be someone you obviously are not, at least not for the past 20 years. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with wearing fashionable or trendy clothes or for that matter dying your hair to cover up the grey, but don’t end up looking like a clown in the process! You can look and feel young at heart without being the centre of attention for the wrong reasons.

Aging is a natural process that everyone must deal with. Sadly many people refuse to accept this fact and rather than learning to live with it and look at the positives, they spend their days, and sometimes large sums of money, trying to cheat nature. Rather than searching online and reading book after book on beauty tips and looking for the magic pill for eternal youth they should pay attention to the basics.

Simply eat healthy foods, drink lots of water, engage in a regular exercise routine and learn how to be beautiful by following these basic beauty tips for women. This will help you to look and feel great about your current age, whatever it is now, and will be in the future. I hope that you have found these beauty tips for women useful.

Basic Health and Beauty Tips

Skincare is very important for teenagers. It is at this stage that teens should be completely aware of how to take very good care of their skin. As much as possible a natural look is recommended. It is not advisable for teenagers to put all that make-up. Besides they won’t look their age if then put on some heavy make-up. Generally they only need light make-up and skin maintenance since they still have such sensitive skin.

It is just a must to take care of the skin since it is at this stage that most skin problems like acne, blemishes, dry skin, rash and sunburn occur. Changes in hormonal activity are very evident which can bring change to the skin, too much exposure and lack of water can create skin problems. Here are some basic things to do to keep a healthy skin.

Drink enough Water and Eat a Balance Diet

Water can help you maintain a good health. It is your best ally and helps in flushing out many toxins from poor diet, caffeinated drinks or oil and grease build up. It also helps to replace and improve health of dermal cell membranes. Too much sweating and outdoor activities can leave the body dehydrated which will result into problems in your overall health and skin later.

Having a balance diet is very important in maintaining a healthy looking skin. Junk foods and soft drinks can trigger acne flare-ups which you don’t want at this time. It can also increase salt content in the body thus will lead to increase dehydration and poor skin health.

Keep your Daily Beauty Regimen and your Sun Protection

Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing should be part of your daily skin care regimen. Choose a facial cleanser that will keep pores clear and not block and helps control or even decreased of oil production. Go for an organic product since these products are all gentle to the skin so perfect for sensitive skin.

After cleansing, you can use a toner and moisturizer if you need one. Even if you have oily skin, your skin deserves to be well hydrated so choose a moisturizer that are oil free or hydrator and hypo allergenic.

And of course not to forget to wear your sun protection carefully especially if you are active in outdoor activities. An SPF 15 to 30 will do and is just perfect to protect the skin from sun damage. However check your moisturizer since most of this moisturizer contains a sunscreen already to protect your skin.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Avoid smoking at all times. Smoking is one of the worst things for skin care, It destroys the healthy glow of your skin. Pre-mature aging can happen if you are in to smoking because it can break down the skin collagen, the most important skin protein. Research shows that people who smoke have reduced collagen and elastin production thus their skin looks dull and unhealthy. Skin seems to age fast for smokers. So avoid smoking at all times to prevent a poor health.

Simple Anti Aging Beauty Tips

Finding the best anti aging beauty tips is not easy in this day and age. There’s a lot of misinformation floating out there that you have to be careful and double check your sources.

This is why I recommend that you do your own research and discover for yourself what is really beneficial for your skin. That said though, in this article I’ll share anti aging beauty tips that have worked incredibly well for me.

It is important that you figure out for yourself what works for your body, because it might not be the same things that works for me. The following three anti aging beauty tips work for almost everyone, so you should consider them.

#1 – Vitamins, Minerals & Fats

Scientists and researchers have discovered that almost everyone is deficient in something. This is why I like to take a multivitamin supplement in conjunction with an omega-3 fish oil product. This covers all the bases and gives my body the necessary nutrients.

#2 – Exercise

You and I both know how important exercise is. I used to think exercise was boring, but then I discovered martial arts and I found a way to exercise while having fun. If you don’t like exercise at the moment it is most likely because you haven’t found the best form of exercise for you.

#3 – Natural Skin Care

The majority of people think that you can just go out and buy any skin care product and have good results. The unfortunate truth is that most skin care products out there contain harmful chemicals that can damage your skin and health in the long run.

Once I realized this I started using completely natural skin care products. My skin started to look a lot better. You should also keep in mind that you cannot expect overnight results.

I started seeing amazing results after about two or three months of consistent use of my multivitamin, omega-3 and natural skin care products. The important thing is to give your body a skin the nutrients that it requires.

Natural Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin

A healthy body can only produce a glowing and radiant skin. Skin is the largest sense organ of the body that provides the first line of defense in protecting the essential organs. Moreover, the overall personality and appearance of a person is greatly dependent on the healthy and glowing skin. Skin care regime is equally important both for men and women as a blemished, scarred or tanned skin devaluates the image of the individual.

To maintain the health of the skin, regular cleansing of the skin is the most essential step followed by other treatments. But it is wise to prevent any skin damages through simple regular habits than the treatment.

Beauty Tips

Following natural beauty tips will be handy in maintaining the health and glow of the skin.

1. Include plenty of fresh green vegetables and fruits rich in Vitamin A, C and E and other minerals. These help in revitalizing the skin and prevent aging and wrinkles.

2. Food like nuts, sprouts and egg yolk are rich in biotin that helps in maintaining healthy skin.

3. Food rich in omega 3 fatty acids like tuna, salmon etc are also beneficial.

4. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day keeps the skin cells hydrated and makes the skin smooth and supple.

5. Apply sunscreen lotions or sunblocks before stepping outdoors. Umbrellas and sunglasses also provide the required protection for the sensitive skin.

6. Use mild soaps rich in fatty acids while bathing to maintain the oil-balance of the skin.

7. Massaging the body with coconut oil before shower keeps the skin soft and supple.

8. Moisturizers and lotions of reputed brands must be applied immediately after shower to prevent the loss of moisture from the skin.

9. Occasional exfoliation is required to remove the dead cell layers from the skin. A mixture of powdered orange peels and rose water helps in the exfoliation process that restores the natural glow of the skin.

10. Regular cleansing and toning of the face must be done to remove all the dirt and grime. Make ups should be cleaned duly before going to bed.

11. Applying mashed carrots and beetroots on the skin makes it soft and supple. Drinking the juices of these vegetables is also beneficial for the skin.

12. Application of cucumber packs soothes the skin and helps in removing the tired looks from the face. Cucumber reduces face tans, wrinkles and freckles of the face.

13. Sandalwood creates wonders for the skin by removing the scars and blemishes and also restores the oil balance that keeps the skin glowing.

Natural Beauty Tip

Whilst skin care products generally won’t deliver nutrients deep into the actual living cells beneath the superficial layers of the skin, the vitamin E in many products is actually useful. Scientists have found that by applying antioxidants to the skin, free radical damage that would normally occur through exposure to UV light (say, from the sun), can be prevented or at least minimized. Vitamin E is a popular ingredient in many skin care creams.

The scientists found that the protective effects of vitamin E from that period of UV exposure were apparent 2 and 3 days later. The group of people who had vitamin E cream applied to their skin had less signs of inflammation than the group who were given the lotion without vitamin E. Inflammation is a sign of cell damage, and was measured in this study by the amount of blood flow to that area as compared to normal. This was a placebo controlled, double blind study, which means that some people received the lotion with vitamin E, some didn’t and neither group knew which it was getting. The conclusions these scientists made were that vitamin E was effective at preventing the visible signs of aging on skin.

Whilst vitamin E in creams and lotions will benefit the skin, there is strong doubt on whether it can help in some of the beauty products it is in. For example, when vitamin E is advertised as being of benefit to strengthen or thicken eyelashes, this is something of a misnomer, and is not supported by science. Paula Begoun, the ‘cosmetic cop’ writes that there isn’t a product out there that will strengthen and thicken eyelashes. The best you can do in this instance is to apply an eyelash primer and mascara to make eyelashes appear thicker. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, and the research verifies only benefits that relate to this antioxidant activity.

Another of the promises associated with vitamin E creams is that it helps to heal scars. This is not something that has been verified scientifically. Research quoted in Wikipedia found that when vitamin E was applied to patients who had undergone surgery, it did not reduce the size, shape, or color of scars. In fact, up to one third of patients experienced complications like allergies, dermatitis, and irritation that in fact can make a forming scar worse. Activated manuka honey is a much better option in reducing scarring, and healing skin.

Vitamin E remains an excellent antioxidant. It is helpful when taken as a supplement for a whole host of issues, including protecting the liver, and minimizing the damage smoking does. And it is great for the skin in terms of preventing sun damage from the oxidizing effect of UV light. It is a good ‘beauty vitamin’ when taken as a supplement. Erica Angyal describes how it protects cell membranes from damage and helps maintain their flexibility, which can diminish as we age. It also works to increase the level of vitamin A in our body. And it is very beneficial for skin problems like acne and psoriasis. She recommends taking 400 to 800 IU of vitamin E a day, to prevent premature aging and improve the lustre of skin.

The Best Health & Beauty Tips

New products are cropping up every month and they are better than ever. There are also many things you can do to retain that youthful glow. Here you will find the best health & beauty tips for anti-aging. Not only will you become more familiar with the best products, but you will learn the lifestyle tips that will keep you looking young well after most of your peers have succumbed to the effects of Father Time.

You Are What You Eat

The food that goes into your body provides the building blocks for life. Your body is uniquely designed to heal itself. However, if you deprive it of essential nutrients and antioxidants, the system breaks down and disease is the result. There’s just no substitute for a good diet. Focus on quality low fat proteins, whole grains, dairy, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats. Foods that are particularly known for anti-aging properties include blueberries, fish, yogurt, red wine. dark chocolate and nuts. A balanced diet is absolutely necessary for glowing skin and long life. This is probably the most important of the health & beauty tips for anti-aging. Also, make sure that you are drinking enough water. Skin and tissues that are hydrated function better and regenerate more easily.

Get Rid of Bad Habits

If have ever spent any time around a smoker, you’ve likely seen the devastating effects that this bad habit can have on health and appearance. People who smoke or drink excessively suffer from wrinkles at a much higher rate than an average population of non smokers. In addition to succumbing to serious diseases like cancer, they also have more colds and allergies. None of these things are particularly attractive to look at. If you smoke, quit. Lack of exercise can also be a bad habit that ages you faster than necessary. Get that body moving if you want to stay young!

Don’t Overspend on Skin Care

When it comes to wrinkle reducing creams, the offerings are better than ever. The medical advances have started to trickle down to over the counter products, making them more available to you. Things like antioxidants, vitamins and CoQ10 are infused in facial creams that promise miracles. The problem with this is that every product claims to be better than the competitors. How do you know what to really use? Are expensive creams worth it? In a recent consumer reports study, testers actually reported the best results from readily available drug store creams. These outperformed many designer creams that were more than triple the price. Also, no matter what the cream claims, there is no miracle facial product. You can get results, but no bottle can make up for bad lifestyle choices.

Attitude Counts

Surprisingly, this health and beauty tip for anti-aging is one of the most important. Your attitude determines a lot of things when it comes to your body and its ability to function well. Studies have shown that excessive stress leads to disease and immune suppression. People with good attitudes have better health and look younger. Everyone has trials in their life, but those who can find the silver lining have a much higher chance of looking youthful as they age.