Beauty Tips

If you’re looking for a change, and you specifically want to look and feel younger, you might be surprised to hear that you can do three simple things to make yourself look and feel better. The health and beauty tips you’ll learn here are easy to do, yet totally effective.

The three steps to a natural beauty makeover include diet and exercise, hair and fashion and makeup.

Let’s look at the first step first – diet and exercise.

We’ve all heard that diet and exercise are essential to a healthy body. What you may not know is that through diet and exercise, you can help your body to age well and you can change your entire look.

With diet, you can affect weight loss, which is an automatic youth booster. (Generally, thinner people look younger than heavier people.) If you change your diet to include more whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean protein, you will also have a positive effect on the condition and overall look of your skin.

Exercise helps to tone you and define muscle. As you age, it also helps to keep your muscles flexible and your overall body lean. In turn, you look younger because you are lean, toned and can move easily (and not slowly with stiff joints).

The second crucial step to making yourself over is paying attention to hair and fashion.

As we get older, it’s common to forget about changing our hairstyle periodically and changing our overall clothing style.

But doing so is really important and here’s why – when you continue wearing the same hair and clothes that you wore when you were much younger, there’s nothing about you that says “fresh” and “young”.

But paying attention to fashion and hair enough to make simple changes can make a huge difference in your overall look.

To affect a makeover-like change with hair and makeup, consider doing a few things. Change your hairstyle at least once a year (even if only a tiny change) and even consider a little color or highlights to freshen it up (and cover the gray, if applicable).

Also consider adding a new piece of clothing or a new accessory to your wardrobe every single season. Focus on something that’s trendy or current, like a colored leather bag, or a white patent belt. Whatever seems to be the trendy thing for the season, add just a piece to your wardrobe to keep it current.

Finally, pay attention to makeup. Between hair, fashion and makeup, you can look “made over” in just hours, but often we focus on hair and clothing and forget makeup. That’s a common but unfortunate mistake and here’s why – changing the way you apply makeup and the beauty products and supplies you use can provide a significant benefit to you.

To create a small improvement in your looks through makeup, look through some current magazines and pay attention to what the models are wearing. Are the lips heavy and dark, or light and glossy? What about the eyes – is charcoal in right now, or pastel colors? Once you have a sense of what’s current, add one or two elements to your own makeup look.

You might have thought of a helath and skin beauty makeover as a multi-step and complicated process, but if you apply these three simple tips to your life, you will look and feel better, as well as years younger. And when you do it, it feels great.