Beauty Tips

If you want to take good care of your skin, that care will include the proper outer care as well as many other things you can do to keep skin healthy. These include diet as well as makeup and hair.

Let’s look at the top five beauty tips for women.

Perricone diet

Quite popular with women who want to lose weight on Perricone’s unique “3-day diet”, this eating plan is also great for the skin.

Perricone’s diet promises fewer wrinkles and firmer skin. How does it deliver? Perricone promotes a diet rich in salmon, almonds and spring water. There’s not a great deal of variety in the diet, with the bulk of the daily calories coming from salmon, fruits like berries and melons and salads made from mixed greens and a simple vinaigrette. Dieters can also add an occasional bowl of oatmeal or non-starchy vegetables.

Perricone’s diet is thought to help the skin by providing rich moisture from the fatty acids present in the salmon and through the high water content of the diet.

Low GI diet

“Low GI” is a buzzword phrase these days and for good reason. Eating a diet that includes food low on the glycemic index scale helps your skin in a variety of ways.

First, foods that are low on the GI scale are usually whole foods, not processed foods which are hard on the skin. Second, these foods help to keep the body’s insulin level regular, rejecting the kinds of spikes that other, high GI foods, might impose.

The key to the low GI diet is paying attention to where foods rank on the GI scale and trying to stay at the low end of the scale. This isn’t the same as a low carb diet, so some foods not allowed on a low carb diet are absolutely fine on the low GI diet.

Anti aging cream

Diet is great, but it’s important to take care of the outer layer of skin and that comes in the form of a good anti aging cream. Look for a cream that contains antioxidants so your skin can fend off visible signs of aging.

When shopping for an anti aging cream, also pay attention to one that provides somewhat “instant” results, since many good quality anti wrinkle creams these days can provide nearly instant benefit to your skin.


It’s time to face reality – the hairstyle that flattered you nicely in your 20s isn’t flattering in your 40s. Getting a new hairstyle can do wonders for how a woman looks, so changing that dated style to one that’s more modern and current can take years off your look.

Included in this category would be hair color. Although many women can carry off a little grey with no trouble (depending on their true hair color and how their face looks in general), most us benefit from washing that grey right of our hair.


Makeup goes hand in hand with hairstyle, of course. It’s important to stay current on makeup trends. That doesn’t mean you need to follow trends, but it’s a good idea to proceed with a nod to trends so that your look seems updated and not dated.

It can be hard for some women to make some of these changes, even if they want to in order to make themselves look younger, but being willing to make a few dietary and cosmetic changes for anti aging skin care can do wonders, so all of these things are worth the effort.