Beauty Tips – Dying Your Hair

There’s a global recession at the moment and all over the world consumers are feeling the poor economic climate and trying to save money where ever they can. When saving money you have to add up the amount of money you save by the amount of risk involved. If your hot water heater in your home broke down you would be more likely to pay for a replacement or repair than cutting back on other household necessities. The same goes for food and other household essentials.

Coloring Your Hair at Home

With the advent of recession’s hair coloring manufacturers are marketing once again more aggressively, home hair coloring kits. These where available first time around when in the late 1980’s recession hit the country hard. Hair coloring your own hair is no easy task and there are certain products which have even been made into a mousse. This is to keep the color easier to manage because if you get it on your skin it’s difficult to remove. This can also cause a definitive “line” around the hair-line by hair coloring.

I describe home coloring like this; could you cut the back or your hair easily with scissors? In movies yes when the heroine is on the run she visit’s the local public toilets after purchasing some nail scissors and a hair dye kit form the store next door. Then through the magic of the small screen she cuts her hair, dyes it and exits the toilet looking like an interesting Christian Dior model. In reality it just does not work like this, you cannot see the back of your head and if you use two or three mirrors they can give you an unrealistic feeling of depth.

I am not knocking home colors if you are going for a simple all over head with the right preparation it can be achieved. Very rarely have I seen it successful first time and I have seen over the years plenty of attempts by people and their friends to self color their hair.

If we come back to the issue of risk, the cost to rectify such mistakes can be quite expensive. This expense is not just a monetary expense but also there are two other factors upset and damage to your hair health. A visit to the hair dressers with a problem color will involve stripping out the color, this takes a lot of washing and rinsing causing hair damage. The stylist will probably recommend you use a treatment to get your hair back in shape before starting on a re-color depending on how severe the color correction is.

If you want to save money at the hairdressers ask about special offers. There are always special nights or model days when your hair salon will offer discount or introductory rates. The stylist will generally be in their second year and just qualified but at least you will have some comeback to the salon if anything goes wrong.