Fourteen Do it Yourself Health and Beauty

Those who can afford costly trainers and medical help to aide in their quest to lose weight are generally the socially elite and celebrities. One nice thing about this for the rest of the world is when they are making public appearances they tend to give away the farm by providing all sorts of useful tips for the public to use for free. It is always wonderful to learn of new tips that you can try for very little money or at home without going to the doctors. The following are a few health and beauty tips that are used by celebrities:

  • To lose water weight in a hurry you can wear a sauna suit while jogging or even walking in place for thirty minutes to an hour and lose inches instantly from water weight.
  • A great tip for decreasing puffiness around the eyes is to place a small amount of any ointment you can buy at the local store for hemorrhoid relief around the eye area as it instantly takes away brown circles and puffiness.
  • To keep very clean nails on your hand and feet you can take a cotton ball and dab a bit of vinegar on the nail beds.
  • For extra shiny hair, use a quarter cup of any mayonnaise in place of your conditioner in the shower and leave on for a few minutes, rinse and dry.
  • To flush out your digestive track in minutes and break up fat stored in your stomach area, you can drink two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar each day.
  • Getting very white teeth can be achieved by using a small bit of baking soda with your toothpaste each day you brush your teeth.
  • For additional energy during the day always have some form of protein in your breakfast and never skip breakfast!
  • Drinking extremely cold water can burn between one and two hundred calories per glass
  • Always drink at least eight glasses of water everyday to keep your skin very clean and free of blemishes.
  • To ward off wrinkles on your face and neck, clean the areas each night and then apply a thin layer of extra virgin olive oil.
  • To stay looking youthful and vibrant always allow for a minimum of seven hours of rest each night
  • Try a cleanse to feel more energized and cleanse your body of all the toxins by performing one for a few days that you can find at any health store.
  • Change your pillowcase every other night if you are suffering from acne or very oily skin to always have a fresh one to sleep one and discourage blemishes from forming.
  • Working out for just ten minutes a day when your heart rate is elevated you can lose one and half pounds a week just by doing it those ten minutes a day.

Some of these may not be the most scientific practices you have ever heard of, but they certainly do work and have been a less expensive method of maintaining good health.