Natural Beauty Tips

Though all people naturally lose a certain number of hairs each day, excessive hair loss that leads to bald patches or receding hairlines can cause self-consciousness in young people. Some people find themselves dealing with hair loss due to hormonal imbalances, stress, or a lack of nutrients, and in these cases, the situation can often be remedied through natural means. If you suffer from this problem and want to find safe and organic ways to strengthen your hair follicles, then learn how ingesting foods and supplements that prevent hair shedding can help to restore your confidence in your appearance.

Eating a balanced diet that offers all of the vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health is a good deterrent for premature or excessive hair loss. Some people do not realize that their daily diets are not providing them with enough nutrients, so if you are concerned about a poor diet leading to hair loss, then consult with a nutritionist. Making either small or major adjustments in regard to the foods that you consume is a natural way to be proactive about hair loss. You may also want to take a daily supplement in order to ensure that you’re receiving the vitamins and minerals needed to keep your hair healthy.

Some people who wish to prevent hair loss through natural means rather than through prescribed medications have success with using Chinese herbs. One of these herbs, Reishi mushroom, is sometimes used in natural hair tonics to strengthen the hair follicles and reduce the likelihood of hair falling out. Another herb, Polygonum multiflorum, helps to not only prevent hair shedding but also to boost the strength and color of the hair. Gingko biloba, a commonly-used herb due to its antioxidant properties, is another option for people want to slow the hair loss process. All of these Chinese herbs, while natural in composition, may cause side effects and should be taken under the supervision of an alternative medicine practitioner.

Aromatherapy blends, made with plant-derived essential oils such as thyme, cedarwood, and rosemary, work to slow hair loss in some people when they are applied to the scalp as topical solutions. When mixed with a base oil and applied to the scalp on a daily basis, these essential oils can strengthen existing hair and promote additional growth by encouraging blood flow and circulation. If you are inexperienced with combining aromatherapy oils, then seek the advice of an expert or buy a pre-blended topical solution from a health store.