Skin Beauty Tips

Using the right skin beauty tips can help you increase both your health and your looks, as the two often are related. Only through natural healthy ways do you get long-lasting beauty and true well-being.

Most people will need the help of a moisturizer to have the best possible complexion, because it’s a true challenge to get all the nutrients required o have naturally moist skin.

But when choosing a moisturizer most people don’t even think twice and just go with whatever they saw on a TV commercial. The problem is that those well-known products mostly are filled with chemicals that might make your skin look alright for today but are detrimental in the long-run.

If you are serious about getting and keeping a healthy beautiful face then be sure to look for a completely natural skin care line free of chemical preservatives. That is one of the best skin beauty tips you can follow.

1. Maracuja – Passion from Brazil

This is a passion fruit extract that grows in Brazil. It is very similarly structured as human skin and is rich in nourishing fatty acid. Maracuja gives the skin a velvety smooth feel. The best thing about it though is that it also helps balance the production of oil (sebum) in the skin, so if you have an oily complexion it eases it and if you have a dry one it helps moisturize it naturally.

2. Cynergy TK – for Repairing and Radiance

This ingredient contains Functional Keratin, a substance close to the protein found in the skin. It is proven to be both anti aging – reducing wrinkles and lines, firming, soothing – reducing redness, and moisturizing.

Functional Keratin is a natural substance although it is extracted from sheep’s wool, and through a gentle converting method the beneficial proteins are fully available to help the skin.

It stimulates an increased growth of collagen, elastin and new skin cells, which keep the skin youthful. Last but not least it improves brightness and radiance, promoting a creamy, even complexion.

3. Active Manuka Honey – Antibacterial Healing Power

This is not just any honey, it is the most antibacterial and antioxidant honey known to man. Scientific research shows it increases rejuvenation and gives a youthful glow.

It is also great for healing different kinds of blemishes like acne, eczema and psoriasis. But of course, only in when it is gently cold processed will it keep its active beneficial properties.